Typical marketing strategies that businesses struggle with

For many years now, most businesses have to achieve a low percent bounce rate of customers landing on their website, this bounce rate determines the business’s ability to make a Profit (ROI) or a sale. The failure rate of most businesses to achieve a low bounce rate is about 80% of all businesses. The topics or facial structure of your home page takes the biggest blow when it comes to bounce rate (BR), fresh information, pictures and even videos create the largest percentage of your bounce rate. As we look about 20-30 years ago when these topics weren’t so popular, the customer engagement percent, was very low. When we found and developed new technology to help businesses in these areas, we can see an increasing percent of people starting to engage more with the businesses website and products. Today, we are more in the digital marketing stage where animation and videos, create almost fifty percent of our business websites. This type of marketing allows the consumer to interact with our products and services better creating a better (ROI), as bounce rates go down, the (ROI) goes up, as long as there is a product to purchase.

Content and stories on websites, create a dialog for your customers to get to know you and understand why or what you’re trying to sell them, this interaction between you and the customer create a positive bond between the two parties. Once the customer understands what you want and what you’re selling, you have a better opportunity to help your customer with more of your services.

Start using the technology you have available if front of you, to create a website and content that your customers will need and allow your customers to get the advantage of being on your site first! Getting on your site first, seems to be very competitive in todays market. Most website owners spend in the thousands for a marketing team to get them on Googles first page on the web, this is well spent money if what you’re offering your clients is not something already on the market for less. Numbers play a big part of your business and must be monitored just about every week to assure proper motivation of your clients/leads.

Don’t get me wrong, when all you’re concerned about is the numbers anymore from running your business for many years already, and not about your customers coming in for service; these existing customers might just start dropping out. Always value your customers’ concerns before yours in any business structure, the concern is real! Customers talk, and in this moment of speech between two people, your business or website might be mentioned in a good or bad way. Numbers are a result of this interaction, so be a customer problem solver, not just that manager that only worries about what a number says. Take action.

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