The ways I was able to fund my entrepreneurship

     Many people these days are looking at getting started into a new career as an entrepreneur, and most don’t have the available funds to become what they want in life. For someone with almost average credit, there is always a credit card with your name on it waiting for you to sign for it. As we look at and study people in this world, they are only human and are always searching for something better in life and most will spend a pricy amount to get there.          Debt through credit cards is not always the route to go when needing large amounts of cash for creating your new self to the world. In fact, the debt from the amount you need could put you further in debt if you can’t make your entrepreneurship work like planned. The percentages on credit cards are unbearable at the least and will damage your credit further if unpaid. Debt seems to be a big concern in the world, especially when used in the wrong ways. I started out as an entrepreneur spending hard cash. I could only borrow to become one of them and of course, I’m in debt again, but I will find a way out and become the entrepreneur I am. As most entrepreneurs say, if you can’t take action today there will be no tomorrow, taking action is an action taken while in need of something and most of us are in need of something, and most are not taking action. Be what you have always wanted to be and change your life for the better. by Craig Kenney
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