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Starting with the man in the mirror

Have you ever heard that phrase? “I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror”. Well by now, everyone has heard this phrase over the internet or radio, and for many of you Michael Jackson was a well-known singer and this one song has stuck this phrase in my head. Everyone knows that change has to […]

Why changing personal credit into business credit is best for business but rather hard to do

Many people are made to believe through affiliates or gurus in the marketing industry, that the turnaround of personal credit card debt used to start a business is easy to change over from personal to business debt. About 99.9% of people that have used credit cards for the purchase to get into affiliate programs are […]

Why 80% of Americans want to have their own online home business but less than 4% actually get there!

Many American’s want to be able to stay home and work from home, but that desired flame gets burnt out quickly when they see what’s actually involved in creating that online home based business.  Some get started and the processes seem to be more overwhelming so people divert back to their old ways of thinking […]

What actually is the American dream of the 21st century?

The American dream used to be to have a beautiful home and a nice affordable car to drive and be financially close to the middle class as possible. Nowadays it’s not that easy to have those luxuries, especially after one year ends and the next begins. Taxes and other necessary monthly costs for gas, electric, […]

The expected boost in e-commerce sales from year 2016-2022 and what this means for Entrepreneur’s

As we dive right into 2019 with the desire to create ourselves in this world and create our own online entrepreneurship, E-Commerce businesses give the economy a push of greater and more expensive technology and other associated products into the market, this push makes us feel like we’re  spending more money every year just to […]

Slower economies are just what people need to get motivated in creating their own online home businesses

In this economy, it’s not hard to get motivated in creating your own online business, most people see the economy changing right in front of their eyes due to the lack of customers that come into local businesses anymore. Just about 6 out of 10 families in America alone are studying and finding out the […]

One simple rule to gain financial freedom

People in the United States complain about their finances, thinking that if they did nothing other than to win the lottery that everything would be perfect. I saw a couple walk into a Jack in the Box the other day while I was sitting down to eat with the family, and the family brought their […]

23% of all Entrepreneurs are currently working with an affiliate partner, is it really worth it?

People climbing their way to becoming an Entrepreneur are experiencing the many ways of getting to the top financially faster by partnering with affiliate companies. It is true that you can well overcome your financial status by selling other affiliate product’s? But wouldn’t you rather create a product on your own, and create your own […]

Interesting Look into the future: people VS finances

As I spend each day becoming an Entrepreneur with a Sociologist mind, I watch and study the market and people and my studies show that many people are stuck in what I call, a loop, within this loop are 70-80% of people only interested in getting by and not pushing themselves to achieve a greater […]

How listening to different perspectives about online marketing makes people feel better about their choices

Most people think that most online marketers know what they’re talking about, but do they really put it into perspective for you or do you have to hunt around to clarify what they are saying? Most people hear what they want to hear, and make decisions based on those words without actually opening up their […]

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