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The 3 S’s in any Business

For many years researching and listening to the many businesses in my life that have structured themselves around a customer have succeeded in making a profit in a business, profit was only gained as the business developed a customer with a need and the business providing that need. As we move closer to a new […]

Typical marketing strategies that businesses struggle with

For many years now, most businesses have to achieve a low percent bounce rate of customers landing on their website, this bounce rate determines the business’s ability to make a Profit (ROI) or a sale. The failure rate of most businesses to achieve a low bounce rate is about 80% of all businesses. The topics […]

3 Essential Tips for Opening a Home-Based Business as a Senior

Not all retirees want to spend their golden years sitting around and watching the time pass by. Many seniors look for ways to work, either for financial reasons or because they’re not ready to give it up. While working after retirement comes with benefits, it can be difficult to get a 9-to-5 job as a […]

Understanding the Trappings of Credit Cards

Let me tell you why most people try to pay off their smaller debt rather than paying off their larger debt. The temptation of minimum payments People that are in debt look at a large debt like a mortgage, where they are paying on a home for 30 years with a drastically low-interest percent. This […]

How a Profit & Loss Statement Can Help Your Business

As we progress in business as new owners, we have to monitor our business profit margins as well as loss margins. These values depict whether a business can stay running for another 6 months to a year or more. Most businesses consume margin losses due to increases in employees and added fees associated with getting […]

Tim Greathouse, Owner of Core Star Center

We had the honor of sitting down with Tim Greathouse, owner and operator of the Core Star Center. His demo team was preparing for their upcoming event in the Dojang (a formal training hall). Tim holds a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo (TKD) that he has committed himself to every day for the last […]

The marketing field has recession-proof qualities you need to know

Marketing has become recession-proof since it has gained so much popularity in the last 20 years. People  raced into the marketing business just to build their empires and businesses without having to look for employment elsewhere. Most people in the world don’t know when a recession is coming until it actually hits. There are many […]

Hillary Baker of RE/MAX in Lane County

RE/MAX is a very large real estate company with locations throughout the United States. Hillary Baker is proud to be with RE/MAX since 2012. She was recently promoted from a Buyer Specialist to a full service Real Estate Broker. This has been such a great opportunity for her to branch out on her own as […]

The Marketers Behind Kinergy Tech

Kinergy Tech, What is it? Well, this is a well-established marketing team geared around the digital side of marketing and other related IT services. I had the great opportunity to speak with Rochiemar Carson which is one of the leading digital marketing team advisers and an IT specialist; I could tell from our conversation, that […]

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