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Typical marketing strategies that businesses struggle with

For many years now, most businesses have to achieve a low percent bounce rate of customers landing on their website, this bounce rate determines the business’s ability to make a Profit (ROI) or a sale. The failure rate of most businesses to achieve a low bounce rate is about 80% of all businesses. The topics […]

How a Profit & Loss Statement Can Help Your Business

As we progress in business as new owners, we have to monitor our business profit margins as well as loss margins. These values depict whether a business can stay running for another 6 months to a year or more. Most businesses consume margin losses due to increases in employees and added fees associated with getting […]

What is stopping you from really making money? Excuses or are others telling you that you can’t make money online

People always assume that others always know what’s best for us. This is the farthest from the truth. For most people that seek a better life financially sometimes, they look in the wrong places. Most of the time what we seek is right in front of us. The possibilities are always going to be there. […]

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