Starting with the man in the mirror

Have you ever heard that phrase? “I’m Starting with the Man in the Mirror”. Well by now, everyone has heard this phrase over the internet or radio, and for many of you Michael Jackson was a well-known singer and this one song has stuck this phrase in my head. Everyone knows that change has to start from within us, and as Michael Jackson said “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change”, and believe it or not this is a great way to teach others how to be able to get started in changing their finances for the better. This won’t be possible unless you make that change. Most people think that they can make money just performing different actions every day, but these actions need to be helping you change that something about yourself. The only way to financial freedom is when you chose to let yourself go and let your light shine so people can see you in positive ways and expressions. Being positive is contagious and when others catch your contagiousness, they will understand many new possibilities in their lives as well.

Change is everything in life but without change, life is just life. Change that part of you so you can make a difference in the world you live in and become the person you were meant to be by finding yourself. Change is needed especially in the entrepreneur world when you’re traveling, and your meeting many people in your entrepreneur lifestyle.

by Craig Kenney

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