Business Start-up 30-Day Mentoring Session


This is a 30 day package guaranteed to help you evaluate your finances, learn to structure a business and learn about key sources to get your business started.

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In this 30-Day package, you will receive:

1. Evaluation of your current financial status.

2. Evaluation of your needs for starting a business.

3. Helping you find that inner passion.

4. Evaluating what kind of business would benefit you more with your current needs.

5. Helping you understand how mindset and your current comfort zone are very distracting.

6. Understanding business structuring and development of personal products or services.

7. Understanding how a profit and loss statement can help you understand how an existing business is performing.

8. Teaching you about different positions in business and how they combine to achieve your goal.

9. Guiding you to key service providers for your company to develop and grow within the market.

10. Mentoring through process to finish by Craig Kenney.

The services provided will be held by multiple (Scheduled) telephone calls and at times may include a 1 on 1 zoom meeting.


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