Marketing trends keep changing each year, don’t get blasted and stuck in the past. The sooner you get yourself in the door of marketing, the easier and more exciting your life becomes

As many people throughout the world start an interest in marketing, they seem sidetracked by their everyday jobs, jobs are very hard to leave, they keep us on a tight chain to try to satisfy us. This satisfaction keeps a roof over our heads and the money from the job pays our bills. If you were to do the math, say you were getting paid $20 per hour and you work a 40 hour week this means you get $800 for that week minus what taxes are needed to come out, this type of paycheck only keeps you going to your job because of its job security, this security is your comfort zone of reality for many. As you start engaging yourself to become better then the many in the comfort zone, those people you thought were your friends are now giving you negative thoughts about trying to better yourself. This happens because your friends see something in you that they don’t see in themselves, this allows your friends to elevate more negativity surrounding your ideas of change in your life. This is a point where, instead of you being just one of them, you’re now thinking like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs take a positive step towards an unknown factor and create so much positivity around this fact and start believing in themselves as they have never done before.

This one step in the right direction every day encourages a better lifestyle for you, and the positivity you feel inside just enforces the fact that the way you did things before no longer exists. In marketing you have to feel the passion and the positivity with every interaction with your customers, this is where you build your confidence. As you take these steps everyday marketing gets easier and easier and the money you earn is more than you ever needed without the headache of having a boss. Imagine your working that 40 hour week and working 8 hours a day just to make it, marketing is a whole new ball game. You actually make money while you’re sleeping and have the time daily to spend with family; it’s so much better working for yourself then someone else.

by Craig Kenney

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