Marketing funnels taking a nose dive!

If you’re a marketer and haven’t established positive marketing funnels to traffic your deals, then you’re not very concerned with your end results and your prospected numbers.  As I have learned in the past, setting up funnels and pushing traffic through can be harder than it looks, As you know you have to push all of your potential clients through the funnel.  If you’re not performing on the social media side or advertising, then your average ticket sale just might be in the negative for sales. Social media has made increasing numbers for marketing sales in the last 10-20 years, reflecting in major profits.  Today the numbers of potential clients gained from social media is one out of every four persons reading your material or visiting your products page. Can you imagine if we changed that number to one out of every two prospects actually buying products or landing on your page?

Marketing Funnels

     As we view the chart above we can see how our funnel works and why the presence of social media awareness is crucial for funneling. If there is no product interest in the market then there is no competition because there is no need.  Keep marketing your products and get results through funneling and social media awareness as much as you can. This introduces you to the public and gets your name and brand out for the world to see. by Craig Kenney
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