Do marketing guru’s and people on social media make you believe that creating your own online business is easy?

Well, let me tell the story behind the curtains, many of us on social media hear the stories of all of these people getting rich, some of them look real, right? Most of these people are just there hoping you will grab what they’re selling, from clothes to a new way of life. Appearance, is everything in most people’s eyes and when we see things like they are offering, we tend to believe that these things will work for us. Behind the scenes are what you don’t see, like the people that are on their teams, like the digital marketing guy, content writer, and many other positions of marketing to be able to create a product story for you. These types of people performing these tasks are all part of a team comprised by the owner/creator of the business, these people are talented in the positions of marketing, that they do on a daily basis. For you to find a team with such abilities, it might take a couple of years. Each position in marketing has the ability to make your product available for the market; this is not something that you can do yourself. I’ve tried in so many ways to be able to perform all of these tasks by myself but seem lost for words when it comes time to get our product on the social media market for sale. Having the perfect website is not the trick here, I found this out waiting almost 10 months for my website creator to be finished with my website and the bounce rate is still pretty high for conversions. Bounce rates (BR) are when people are looking or reading through your website for a very short time frame, usually less than 60 seconds. This bounce rate affects your ability to sell any product, which intern kills your return on investment (ROI).

Most people assume that selling something on the open market is an easy task, but rather it’s not. Having created everything myself in the last 2 years has been an accomplishment for me while working at my normal job to pay for all the needed things in marketing to get started. I’m, like most people that want and will change my future financially, I have already taken that step out of my comfort zones. This comfort zone my friends, is what you do every day non-stop in our daily lives. When we chose to do something different about our futures, and finally, take that step out of our comfort zones is the only time we will see a brighter and wealthier future for ourselves. As we gain followers that are preferably following us for the same reasons, we need to make sure the contact between them and us are always there for the same reasons. This following is a needed, to keep them on the right track with the information you have presented to them. This attachment between you and the follower must not be severed by a loss of interest, due to your lack of you sending emails or newsletters on a daily basis. So as you can see through my years in marketing, there are ups and downs, and there is a right way to marketing. This right way is to start building a team, a team with the same goal in mind, a team with the same mindset. This team through thick and thin must be able to perform their marketing abilities to accomplish the one goal that the whole team has.

by Craig Kenney

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