Commitment to Success

What does commitment mean to you? Will commitment lead you to financial freedom? People assume that just taking one step in the right direction is all they need to be successful in life. This assumption is incorrect; just because you made a step in the right direction does not mean that you are dedicated or committed to fulfilling your intended goals. You have to dig deep inside yourself to see if you have that desire to commit yourself for the long run of achieving financial freedom. Opportunities come and go, but, if you don’t take the opportunity when it comes, you might not be ready for the next opportunity. People consume opportunity only when it’s feasible for them.

Comfort Zones

Is money success to you? Does having a business that is more recession-proof then your day-to-day job get you thinking? People think that their lives are just okay financially; they wake in the morning and go to work a 40+ hour week and wait for their employer to pay them every two weeks. This thought process is called a person’s comfort zone, comfort zones are very hard for people to leave because that comfort zone makes them feel secure. How does a recession affect your comfort zone? Well, when your income comes from an employer that can’t beat the economy when a recession hits, you lose your job. Employers cut back everything, especially employees, when they know a recession is coming.

Resiliency & Positivity

What if I fail when trying to create a better future for myself? Failure is great in everything in life; this failure is needed in life for you to learn what your mistake was and to correct it. Every person has a fear of failure in life; it’s how you use this failure to help yourself succeed in life. Successful people will always get back up when things start getting hard. People have habits; this is what you do without realizing you’re doing it. Habits are hard to change. It is a very long process to get out of a routine. You can’t remove a habit in a day, or week, or even months. These habits cause us to stay in our comfort zones. As you go through your day, think of what happened in your day and how you successfully corrected something that was a habit or something you use to fail at doing. Keep this as a positive activity in your mind and keep progressing every day. You will be able to overachieve your goals in life if you keep the positivity inside.

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