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Laptop lifestyles are going out of control!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Many people today are searching for the perfect career to work from home, most are looking at the new laptop lifestyle systems, most of the courses for the laptop lifestyle are about developing and structuring a business of your own, online. Laptops have been a big savior to many starting their online businesses and have […]

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Stepping up the followers on social media can hurt you!

As we see many marketers gaining thousands of social followers and growing their awareness on the social platform, these types of marketers aren’t aware of just who their following or who are following them. When we actually take a look at the number of followers we might see unfamiliar languages that we don’t understand, so […]

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The ways I was able to fund my entrepreneurship

     Many people these days are looking at getting started into a new career as an entrepreneur, and most don’t have the available funds to become what they want in life. For someone with almost average credit, there is always a credit card with your name on it waiting for you to sign for it. […]

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Entrepreneur’s start-up programs get the can!

Many potential clients have surfaced in the last 15 years looking to change something about themselves and their finances due to economy crunches and job losses, as we look at the new profession that everyone’s trying to get into is being an entrepreneur. Many people in the world today have no idea of the costs […]

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Marketing funnels taking a nose dive!

If you’re a marketer and haven’t established positive marketing funnels to traffic your deals, then you’re not very concerned with your end results and your prospected numbers.  As I have learned in the past, setting up funnels and pushing traffic through can be harder than it looks, As you know you have to push all […]

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Can mentoring be a new lifestyle in this new day and age?

When I talk about mentors what comes to mind? Someone that guides you or teaches you a new direction in life. Well, both of those actions are correct. As we seek to find mentors to help us to reach our goals, we sometimes find that these mentors are hard to reach or way too expensive […]

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Tienda Y Panaderia Santiago

Maria Contreras is the owner of Tienda Y Panaderia Santiago and has established the business for approximately 11 years. Maria works at the store with her family as a family business. Maria says that the bread she makes is just like being in Oaxaca, MX. Many customers travel from afar to get some of the […]

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Laura Y Daisy Panaderia Mexicana

     Elizabeth is the owner of this Panaderia Mexicana business. This business has been in Eugene, Oregon for 15 years and Elizabeth has been a worker for this business for some time and finally bought the business for her family. The products sold at this store are more common Mexican candies, breads (handmade), birthday and […]

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Head Start of Lane County

Many businesses have come and gone in the Lane County district, but one of many have tested the times and survived by remaining open. Head Start of Lane County has had an Executive Director (Annie Soto) for 24 years, and I had a chance to interview her during normal business hours and went through the […]

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