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The expected boost in e-commerce sales from year 2016-2022 and what this means for Entrepreneur’s

Friday, August 10, 2018

As we dive right into 2019 with the desire to create ourselves in this world and create our own online entrepreneurship, E-Commerce businesses give the economy a push of greater and more expensive technology and other associated products into the market, this push makes us feel like were  spending more money every year just to […]

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Slower economies are just what people need to get motivated in creating their own online home businesses

Thursday, August 9, 2018

In this economy, it’s not hard to get motivated in creating your own online business, most people see the economy changing right in front of their eyes due to the lack of customers that come into local businesses anymore. Just about 6 out of 10 families in America alone are studying and finding out the […]

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One simple rule to gain financial freedom

Too many people in the United States complain about their finances, thinking that if they did nothing other than to win the lottery that everything would be perfect. I saw a couple walk into a Jack in the Box the other day while I was sitting down to eat with the family, and the family […]

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23% of all Entrepreneurs are currently working with an affiliate partner, is it really worth it?

Most people climbing their way to becoming an Entrepreneur are experiencing the many ways of getting to the top financially faster by partnering with affiliate companies. It is true that you can well overcome your financial status by selling other affiliate product’s? But wouldn’t you rather create a product on your own, and create your […]

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Interesting Look into the future: people VS finances

As I spend each day becoming an Entrepreneur with a Sociologist mind, I watch and study the market and people and my studies show that many people are stuck in what I call a loop, within this loop are 70-80% of people only interested in getting by and not pushing themselves to achieve a greater […]

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How listening to different perspectives about online marketing makes people feel better about their choices

Most people think that most online marketers know what they’re talking about, but do they really put it into perspective for you or do you have to hunt around to clarify what they are saying? Most people hear what they want to hear, and make decisions based on those words without actually opening up their […]

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Creating your own Online Home Business from scratch and what tools are necessary

For many years now people have been following the marketing business online and watching the progression of these businesses as they grow throughout the social media market online, as we become an online business owner, we have to take careful consideration of what processes are needed and what tools might help us.  For example, in […]

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10 Positive ways to achieve an entrepreneur lifestyle

Day 1 of 10 to achieving a positive set goal (Goals to achieve) Day one, should be the most important day in your life when setting up a goal to reach financially. This day should include a mindset in which there is no turning back, from this day forward the past is in the past, […]

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What is the main mistake of the top 50 marketers in the world?

As we venture out looking at some of the top marketers today I have recorded one of the biggest mistakes out there, you see as we grow as marketers we tend to try to do everything ourselves to create 100% profit and this actually hurts the performance of our business. We as marketers cannot do […]

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Mastering blogging can be a big challenge

As blogging started back in 1983 many people didn’t understand the meaning of it, and what it might have turned into in today’s times. But later in 1990’s, blogging started to get more popularity and the real start of digital blogging began. Many people were unsure of what to blog, or how it even worked, […]

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