Can mentoring be a new lifestyle in this new day and age?

When I talk about mentors what comes to mind? Someone that guides you or teaches you a new direction in life. Well, both of those actions are correct. As we seek to find mentors to help us to reach our goals, we sometimes find that these mentors are hard to reach or way too expensive to get advice from, so we settle for what I like to call the real mentors, not the guru’s that don’t have the time or are very pricey. Real mentors will actually take the time needed to set an example for you to learn the process of helping you help others. Gurus sometimes take money for gratitude and become greedy and this becomes a problem in the entrepreneur world. As we learn the different techniques needed to become an entrepreneur from the mentor, we become more positive thinkers in which we have transformed our minds to generate a positive mindset and have established the difference between positive and negative thoughts.

     As we see from the picture above mentors have the ability to teach you a variety of things. The best thing to teach you would have to be a problem solver and this does take action on your part to be able to ask your potential customers what their interests are, and what they’re looking for in you. Your ability to help others solve their problems creates a great customer base for you to really start getting your feet wet in the process. As you start developing and sharpening your skills then the mentorship process has finally taken over your mind and developed your mind to understand your customer’s needs.

by Craig Kenney

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