My name is Craig Kenney. I have lived in San Diego almost all of my life, enjoying the beautiful scenery along with the sandy beaches and the scenic drives along the coast. I’m also a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, serving 1989-1993. I started working in the automotive industry as early as 18 years of age for 37 years; while in this industry I’ve researched and analyzed the proper business operation and structure. I have noticed some remarkable changes within the many industries that had revised their strategies to re-gain customers to make a profitable business structure. During the last recession of late 2008-09, the automotive market and many other markets took a nosedive, which caused many business closures throughout the United States. 

     For the first time in many years working as management and also working on vehicles, I had lost my job due to a business closure related to the recession. I was devastated and could not find a job to pay for the roof over my head. It took almost a full year before I had found a job. This was worrisome, to take care of my family through this type of recession. This sent up a red flag in my life. I took a good look at my career and found that it was not recession-proof; I had so many ideas running in my head and what I thought was impossible happened.

    As I monitored the market further, I finally found a recession-proof career in online marketing, and have never looked back again. Through my research I was dedicated to finding an answer, I have built a business of my own, to help other businesses find stability. Teaching other businesses a way to stay alive in any economy and growing their numbers as well as their customers. Join me in keeping this passion alive!

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