The Marketers Behind Kinergy Tech

Kinergy Tech, What is it? Well, this is a well-established marketing team geared around the digital side of marketing and other related IT services. I had the great opportunity to speak with Rochiemar Carson which is one of the leading digital marketing team advisers and an IT specialist; I could tell from our conversation, that I sat down with the right person to tell their story.

There are two well-qualified digital marketing team advisers here at Kinergy Tech; they both play a vital role in the creation of a client’s web portfolio, as per clients request, Rochiemar and Dave advise customers in the creation of their dream project. Both team advisers will listen to the customer’s needs and have their team execute the needed and areas of marketing for their clients.

Rochiemar Carson Co-Founder Kinergy Tech            David Garcia CRO Founder Kinergy Tech
CO-Founder Rochiemar Carson, Digital Marketing Team Adviser
CRO-Founder David Garcia, Digital Marketing Team Adviser

From Partnership to Growing Team

A little bit of history of both digital marketing team advisers (partners) and (co-founders), they both have made a business for themselves on a personal level before they became partners and pulled both businesses together creating what now is known as Kinergy Tech. The creation of this business meant more employees were needed to help customers more on an individual basis in the creation of their website and or other needed digital marketing needs. Kinergy Tech will help brand you into the marketplace, helping your clients find and access your site faster, this approach of branding clients has been vital for customers to be on the fast track to creating a better future financially.

As Rochiemar described, some of the challenges along the way of building this business with his partners and his team members, was the fact that more training in certain areas of the business is needed on an ongoing approach to reach certain goals these two co-founders have planned for their future. When asked “how do you see your business in another 10 years?” Rochiemar replied that he wanted to branch out more and reach more people by opening another couple of businesses in different locations.

CSK Dynamic Ventures Recommends Kinergy Tech

As I had discussed leadership with Rochiemar, I had discussed the ideas of having team meetings on a weekly basis and a one on one meeting with his partners so that everyone is always on the same page when it comes to customer satisfaction. As I ended this interview with Rochiemar, I felt the strong leadership qualities in Rochiemar that are needed for this company to take their company to the next level of business; his passion for helping customers and teammates goes well beyond customer satisfaction.

At a later date I was able to interview David Garcia to get more information on his views and structure of Kinergy Tech, you talk about a person with a vision and oversight of where he wants to take this company. He has an overwhelming background in many marketing aspects; the prioritization of the many concepts of marketing is a must for him. Dave sees key value in a customer’s relationship and knows how to bring in the right talent for the customer, he mentioned he was taking a step back from one of his other businesses so that he could provide 100% of his time to fully engage in this business, this has been a vision for him to manage the time to fully launch Kinergy Tech to allow a more prosperous future for their team.

As I had heard of the many business-related concepts David’s mind was funneling, I had to ask him why he hasn’t delegated more of the tasks he is creating for himself, for others to lessen his load; he responded that he would rather spend time teaching a person, the quality of work, so that the feedback quality was to his standards. I really enjoyed speaking to both owners at Kinergy Tech, I hope some of the information I provided as feedback can help your customer retention rate and allow customers to hear personal stories from business owners just like yourselves.

By Craig Kenney

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