Hillary Baker of RE/MAX in Lane County

Hillary Baker of RE/MAX in Lane County

RE/MAX is a very large real estate company with locations throughout the United States. Hillary Baker is proud to be with RE/MAX since 2012. She was recently promoted from a Buyer Specialist to a full service Real Estate Broker. This has been such a great opportunity for her to branch out on her own as a licensed broker, and start making a business for herself helping clients purchase the home of their dreams. Looking back at Hillary’s past during the last recession, her family had to change their outlook on their careers in order to get by.

Her Personal Journey

Coming out of the recession, Hillary was going to college for dental hygiene. A friend referred her to an entry level position with RE/MAX on the Lynn Gately team as an opportunity for change. Hillary was inspired by helping clients and her passion for becoming a licensed broker became clear. Her seven years of experience in Real Estate paid off and opened many new challenges and opportunities for her. When I asked her about social media and her awareness online, she said she was developing a following through local social channels, and has plans to expand this following throughout Lane County, to get more personal with clients.

On Being Personally Accessible

Hillary wants clients to know they can just reach out to her on any social channel. If clients have any questions or would like to go look at houses, she will make the time to listen and/or show them homes on the market. She offers a free market analysis on homes to educate clients on what their home would sell for in the ever-changing real estate market. As with any business owner, she markets with flyers and ads  on social media to create a larger audience. This gives her feedback from clients she’s already worked with in the past, acting as references for new home buyers. You can visit her website to contact her online, or call her at 541.285.3339.

Hillary Baker loves to personally ensure her clients’ customer satisfaction level is 100%. This rating will surpass most businesses out there today in the Lane County. She has the advantage in competing with other Real Estate companies in the community, due to her skill set in the Real Estate business.

Hillary Baker- Real Estate Agent

CSK Dynamic Ventures Recommends Hillary Baker

Hillary was my Real Estate agent that I was communicating with during the purchase of my home in Eugene, Oregon. At the time, I was residing in San Diego, California, and was taking my search for my new home to the internet. I found Hillary as an agent at RE/MAX online. The more I communicated to her by phone and Skype, the more confident I was to choose the home I wanted. Hillary helped me to make an informed decision on our home purchase from all the pictures and online contact. San Diego is 19 hours away and I didn’t have the time to fly up to Eugene to see the house, but the excellent communicative skills she provided us was top notch in her industry. As a standalone agent in the Real Estate business, I have no problems recommending Hillary to all of my current customers in my business.

Hillary Baker- Re/Max Integrity

By Craig Kenney

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