Tim Greathouse, Owner of Core Star Center

Tim Greathouse, Owner of Core Star Center

We had the honor of sitting down with Tim Greathouse, owner and operator of the Core Star Center. His demo team was preparing for their upcoming event in the Dojang (a formal training hall). Tim holds a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo (TKD) that he has committed himself to every day for the last 30 years, and he is still an active competitor on the world level. If one belt was not enough, he also holds a 1st-degree black belt in Hapkido and a belt in Capoeira. Through his true love and commitment to TKD, he has positioned himself perfectly to achieve the position of Oregon State President of the United States TKD Committee under Sang Lee and USTC National Chairman for State Hanmadang development.

The Multi-Disciplinary Core Star Center

Core Star Center offers many styles and teachings to meet the needs of their students, whether physical, spiritual, or clarity of mind. Tim offers and instructs Moo Do TKD, Yoga, and Hapkido. Kung Fu, Zen Meditation, Yoga, and Kummooyeh are offered by other instructors, but the full list of offered services can be found on their website. Tim embraces Martial Arts for its ability to cultivate the spirit, a sense of reason, self awareness, discipline, and confidence. Martial arts challenges you to be the best version of yourself.


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Tim’s Philosophy & Business Model

Tim has always had a non-combative approach to TKD. This way of teaching and training has started to come to light in our world with the recent insight into concussions and how they have a lasting impact on one’s life. He believes in the art form and its excellent ability to cultivate oneself physically, mentally, and spiritually. This way of thinking and being in martial arts holds truer today than ever before. He believes the enemies of today are intangible and slippery; they are no longer people standing in front of you in a physical form. They are more internal, or of the mind. This belief plays perfectly into him being chosen to host the NW Hanmadang, where events are held to gauge the skill level of its participants in non-contact events.

We asked Tim where he sees himself in the future and if he would still be teaching and training. He responded quickly without a second thought, “I will obtain my 9th degree black belt and the Dojang will always be a part of my life.” He has no want or desire to branch out to multiple locations. He thrives on having a deep connection with all of his students and knowing each one by name. He wants to be a part of each one outside of the Dojang, helping them develop every aspect of their lives through Martial Arts.

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I have known Tim personally and as a student since 1996 when he opened his Dojang here in Eugene. He has a deep passion and love for people that creates a strong attraction that starts when you first meet him. I believe his commitment to put people first has given him the ability to keep providing his students with high quality training for 30 years.

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